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Bridal & Formalwear Alterations

Prices are subject to change, these are base prices.

 Please click below to get a estimated quote.

Formal & Wedding 

The redesign or repairs of vintage gowns are some services we specialize in, along with altering bridal and formal wear.   An entire wedding dress can be resized by several sizes, redesigning a neckline or adding a bustle to your wedding dress, are just a few of our services.   Please be advised that the prices set here are a guide only and will vary according to each gown.  We therefore advise that you bring in your gown for a more accurate quote. A 50% deposit of the total price is required before work can begin and must be paid upon receiving invoice. Please see additional information at the bottom of the page. A $30 consultation fee is required to determine what needs to be done to the garment and will go towards alterations if the client wishes to proceed. 

Bridesmaid Gowns

Hem Each Layer of a Bridesmaid 

Take In /Let out at each seam of a Bridesmaid dress skirt based on fabric

 Increase the Size of a Dress by Adding a Discrete Panel                             Install Bra Cups in a Bridesmaid Dress                                                    

 Adjust The Straps of a Bridesmaid Dress                                                   

$45 & up a layer

$45 & up per seam

$60 & up 


$25 & up

Special Occasion Dresses & Skirts


Take in/Let out at each seam of a dress or skirt based on fabric

$40 & up

$45 & up per seam

Wedding Dresses and Gowns

Hem: Informal                            

Hem Formal w train         

Plain rolled hem multiple layers                                                 

Plain multiple sheer layers cut edge                

Plain hair braid hem                                                

Lace, ruffles, beads, other decoration at hem           

Move lace up and hem                                                                  

Hem from waistline and re-shape skirt     

Attach original hem on skirt                                                        

Take in/let out Darts  

Simple bra tuck to tighten bra area 

Take ins/Let outs at each underarm seam based on fabric  

Redesign bodice   

$50 & up per layer

$85 & up per layer

$45 & up  per layer

$35 & up per layer

$60 & up per layer

$60 & up per layer

$100 & up per layer

$125 & up per layer

$85 & up per layer

$40 & up

$30 & up

$45 & up

$210 & up

Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaid Dresses and Special Occasion  Sleeve & Shoulder Alterations

Shorten sleeves based on fabric             

Taper sleeve         

Raise shoulders / reset sleeve / shorten from top based on fabric 

Raise shoulders sleeveless 

Remove sleeves

Add sleeves        

Reshape neckline        

​Shorten straps (both)    

Neckline or halter in  

$45 & up

$50 & up

$65 & up

$45 & up

$45 & up

$60 & up

$70 & up

$35 & up 

$45 & up

Bustle Train

American Bustle (Over Bustle) or French Bustle (Under Bustle)  

Bustle (sweep train, 1-3 pts) under or over per point       

Bustle over (4+ pts.) per point               

Bustle under (4+ pts.)per point                                                      

Add wrist loop to train     

$45 & up

$55 & up

$60 & up

$35 & up

Other Bridal & Formal Alterations
Additional Information

Bead repair

Move / add snaps, hooks and eyes          

Open or close slit              

Bra cups add

Shorten belt based on fabric

$60/ hr (1 hour minimum) 

$8 & up per snap, hook, and eye

$40 & up

$25 & up

$22 & up

Additional Information

  • A 50% deposit of the total price is required before work can begin. You'll have 72 hours to pay the deposit or days will be deducted off of the turnaround time.

  • Please bring the underwear garments you intend to wear on your wedding day to your first and subsequent fittings; the correct bra is essential as the dress will be fitted around it.

  • Shoes must also be brought if the dress needs to be hemmed. (If this is not possible, please bring shoes of the same height.)

  • Please wear minimal make up to avoid soiling your dress.

  • We will take complete measurements at the preliminary fitting and the dress will be altered in accordance with these measurements. C Simpson & Company Tailoring & Design shall not be liable for any changes in the measurements due to weight fluctuations or pregnancy and a charge will apply if the work needs to be done to accommodate these variations. 

  • Preferred turnaround time for formal wear and tuxedos is 30 days. Under 30 days will incur $50+ rush fee.

  • Rush fees do not include the price of alterations to garments!

  • Please bring garments clean and smoke-free.

  • If pressing needs to be done to a garment a $15 pressing fee will be added to price total.

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