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Pick Up & Drop Off

Call or email us and schedule Pick up, Drop off and even schedule measuring time for specific tailoring or alteration needs.

Customer Pick Up & Drop Off: 

C. Simpson & Company Pick Up & Drop Off:

Retail Location Pick Up & Drop Off:

Alteration Event for Retailers:

Alteration Event for Businesses:


Free if services needed are $30 or over. $75 fee if measuring is needed for alterations, first 2 hours included in fee. Each additional hour of fittings may be subject to an additional hourly fee, at our discretion. These fees are in addition to all alterations costs. Includes the first 20 miles of travel round trip. Additional costs may apply for longer distances.


This service is arranged by specific agreement with each retailer. Please contact us for more information.

Schedule an event to show appreciation for your loyal customers and increase your sales at the same time. Contact us for details and prices.

Schedule an Alterations Event with us and invite your employees to bring in problematic work clothes, and have us fit, mark, alter, and drop off the altered garments. Pricing starts at $100 for the service, plus $50/hour to do pick-up, and fittings. Drop off will be free.

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