How much does it cost to take in or let out a suit jacket or blazer?

To adjust from the center seam is $20 to $30 and to adjust from the two side seams from $40 to $60 .

How much does it cost to shorten or lengthen both sleeves of a jacket?

For a suit jacket $20 to $30 and for an outerwear jacket $30 to $40.


My suit fits a few sizes too big. Can you make my suit fit close to my body size

Yes!   We can convert an oversized suit to a slimmer fit by re-cutting it.


How do your prices compare to other tailors?

We try to stay competitive with our pricing.  We feel our prices are reasonable when you compare the fit and quality of our work. 


My suit is a little small in the seat and waist can you let it out?

Yes, we can let it out based on the  amount of extra material allowance in the seat and waist areas. 



How much does it cost to take in or let out the sides of a dress?

Dependent on the complexity of style $20 & up.  Additional fees may apply for detailed or delicate fabrics.


How much does it cost to hem the bottom of a dress?

For basic hems $20 & up and a flat fee per layer of the wedding and bridesmaid dress.   Additional fee may apply for wide hems or delicate fabrics


How long does it take to alter a dress?

Basic alterations take 1 to 2 weeks,  unless you need it back sooner. We also offer express service, emergency service, and same day service.(additional charge may apply]


My bridesmaid dress was way too big and the wedding is coming up soon. Now it is extremely tight and does not zip up at all, can you help?

Absolutely! We specialize in increasing the sizes of all types of dresses. This can be done by either letting out all the fabric inside the dress, or adding a discrete panel.   We can even expedite the alteration, if the event is coming up soon.


My body is small on top and large on bottom so my suits have to be purchased to fit my lower half can you make it fit my bust line?

If the suit jacket is a size or more larger, based on the design fitting, it may have to be recut to achieve the desired fit.


My bustline is on the large size, so i need to purchase my suits to fit the upper half of my body.  Can you adjust the skirts or pants to fit the lower half my body?

The same situation would apply with the bottom half of the body.  If the skirt or pant is a size or more larger, based on the design fitting is possible. If the skirt or pant is more than a size larger, it may have to be recut to achieve the desired fit.


Can you adjust the waist of my jeans to fit my body so that it doesn't buckle when i bend down?

Waist darts can normally be added to produce a snug fit at the back of the waistline.



What can you do about the bulkiness that I get in the crotch area?

Based on the design of the pant, the crotch line can usually be raised, eliminating that elongated crotch problem.


Wedding Dress FAQ'S


How much does it cost to take in or let out the sides of a wedding gown or wedding dress?

To take in or let out a wedding gown at each seam no beading is $40 and up.


How much does it cost to hem the bottom of a wedding gown or wedding dress?

Wedding dress hems start at $40 per layer and depend on the style of the gown or dress.


How long does it take to alter a wedding gown or wedding dress?

Usually 4 to 12 weeks depending on the amount of work involved and the complexity of the design.  There is usually a bridal fitting every 2 weeks.  It may take an average of 3 fittings to achieve the correct fit.  We are capable of handling express alterations on your wedding dress.  24 hour turnaround is available for last minute emergencies.


I want to wear my mothers wedding dress but make it more modern.  Can you design something for me using the materials from the dress?

Redesign of wedding gowns using the original materials with as much as  possible in the design is one of our specialties.


My wedding dress cost so much and I only wear it once, can you turn it into some thing new?

Based on the original design of the dress, the materials and our consultation with you; we can create a stylish garment for you.


Can you do custom designed wedding dresses? How long does it take and how much do you charge?

We love designing custom garments and wedding dresses are a favorite.   Our preference is one year to six months  from concept, design, fittings and construction of your wedding dress.  Pricing is determined based complexity of design, materials used and the amount of time to complete the project. Certains times of the year are busier wedding seasons and must also be considered.


Jean FAQ's

How much does it cost to hem a pair of jeans?

If you would like a regular top stitched hem $20 and if you would like to reattach the hem to retain the original hem $30.


How much does it cost to make a pair a jeans slimmer in the legs?

It costs $30 and up to make jeans a slimmer fit throughout the legs.


How long does it take to alter jeans?

Usually 1 to 2 weeks. However, we do offer express service and same day service. (Additional charges may apply)

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