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Suit ALterations

Prices are subject to change, these are basic prices.

 Please click below to get a estimated quote.

Suit Alteration Services


The following is a list of suit alteration services that C. Simpson & Co Tailoring does top quality:


  • Suit Sleeve Shortening

    • Vented w/ Buttons​- $30

    • Notched Sleeve- $35

  • Legs Tapering Knee to Hem- $40

  • Take in Sides and Blades- $50

  • Replacing Zippers

  • Tightening Buttons

  • Suit Tears and Rips Repairs

  • Suit Downsizing 

  • Suit Remodeling

Additional Information

  • A 50% deposit of the total price is required before work can begin. Payment is due upon receiving invoice.

  • Turnaround time is 5-7 business days.

  • If needed before then rush fee is $50.

  • Rush fee does not include the price of alterations to garments!

  • Please bring garments wrinkle free and clean and smoke-free.

  • If your garment needs pressing a $15 pressing fee will be added to price total.


How Long Does a Suite Alteration Take?

We understand that many of our clients need their suites altered quickly due to unforeseen events such as weddings and important meetings. The high skill level and experience our tailors possess allows us to waste little time. We start and finish each project with precision and on  time. If you need our suit tailors to alter your suites by a specific date please let us know and we will make arrangements that will fulfil your suit alteration requirements.

Frequently Asked Suit Alteration Questions

How much does suit alterations cost?

There are clients who come in for alterations and all they need is pants hemming. That costs $25. However, some people have drastically lost weight in which case they need their pants hemmed, tapered and the waist taken in. Their suit jackets need sleeve shortening, sleeve tapering, shoulder reducing and the sides of the jacket taken in. When we are doing all of these things, the cost tends to run $200-$250.

How long will it take?

Because we are a premium expertise  tailor shop offering an exceptionally wide variety of top quality repairs and alterations, our turnaround time is on average 2-3 weeks. 48 hour rush orders are available for a 20% surcharge.

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