Outerwear Coats, Jackets & Vests

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Outerwear (Women & Men)
  • Shorten Sleeves

    • ​Vented w/ Buttons- $30​

    • Notched- $35

  • Sleeve shorten w/ elastic

  • Take in/let out one or multiple seams

  • Take in sides and blades- $50

  • Take in/out center seam

  • Shorten or Lengthen at hemline

  • Hem coat straight

  • Hem Coat full

  • Lengthen and Face

  • Relining Jacket/Coat

  • Patch Jacket/Coat Lining

Outerwear Coat, Jacket  St. Louis

Outerwear Coat & Jacket Alterations

Lining Replacement

Zipper Repairs

Sleeve Shortening
Color Restorations
Collar Replacement

Outerwear Coat & Jacket Services

Below is all the diverse jacket repair services that C. Simpson & Co Tailoring provides:

  • Lining Replacements & Repairs

  • Button and Snap Replacement

  • Fix Tears and Seams 

  • Collar Replacements & Repairs

  • Taper Sleeves

  • Panel Replacements & Repairs

  • New Pockets / Pocket Repair

  • Shorten Hem

  • Invisible Mending

  • Shorten Sleeves

  • New Buttonhole

  • A 50% deposit of the total price is required before work can begin. Payment is due upon receiving invoice.

  • Turnaround time is 5-7 business days.

  • If needed before then rush fee is $50.

  • Rush fee does not include the price of alterations to garments!

  • Please bring garments wrinkle free and clean and smoke-free.

  • If your garment needs pressing a $15 pressing fee will be added to price total.

Professional Outerwear Vest, Coat and Jacket Repair St. Louis

Our Coat & Jacket Expertise 

C. Simpson & Co Tailoring offers professional jacket & coat repair services at prices other coat tailors in St. Louis can not rival. Many of our customers are always astounded when they see how their coats and jackets look after our tailors complete repairs. C. Simpson & Co Tailoring has been mending coats and jackets for over 25 years and we can fix all your coat repair issues.

Trusted Brand Name Coat Repairs

We have three decades of experience repairing all types of brand name coats and jackets with leather or fur trims

If your favorite coat is damaged, we are the professionals to call for the best results at affordable prices.

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