Dresses & Skirts

Prices are subject to change, these are basic prices.

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Dresses & Skirts

Hem Plain and narrow

Hem With  slit/pleat/vent

Hem Full or pleated

Take In Seams or Let Out Seams in a Dress or Skirt  by up to One Size

Take In Seams or Let Out Seams in a Dress or Skirt  by more than One Size


Adjust/Replace elastic in Dresses, Pants and Skirts

Re-Line Dresses and Skirts

Sides in / out

Center seam in

Shorten Strap

Replace back / inc. materials

$20 & up unlined;$25 & up lined

$30 & up unlined;$35 & up lined

$30 & up unlined;$35 & up lined Extra fee may apply to special detail or fabric

$20 & up dependent on complexity of style

$40 & up  dependent on complexity of style

$10- $15/per pair

$10 -$20 dependent on complexity of style

$25 & up dependent on complexity of style

$15 & up

$10 & up



  • A 50% deposit of the total price is required before work can begin. Payment is due upon receiving invoice.

  • Turnaround time is 5-7 business days.

  • If needed before then rush fee is $50.

  • Rush fee does not include the price of alterations to garments!

  • Please bring garments wrinkle free and clean and smoke-free.

  • If your garment needs pressing a $15 pressing fee will be added to price total.

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